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Lettuce 50th Anniversary Scratch Off

How do I get the Lettuce 50th Anniversary Scratch Off Promotion if I’m NOT a member of the Frequent Diner Club?

If you are not already a member of the Frequent Diner Club download the free Lettuce Eats app and sign up for the club:

  1. Tap on the APP STORE
  2. Search for LettuceEats app
  3. Tap GET
  4. Tap OPEN to access the app
  5. Read the first screen swipe left
  6. Read the second screen swipe left
  7. Read the third screen tap DONE
  9. Enter your email address and tap NEXT
  10. Enter a password
  11. Confirm your password
  12. Tap NEXT
  13. Enter your personal information
  14. Tap NEXT
  15. Enter your mobile phone number
  17. Enter the verification code you received
  18. Tap VERIFY
  19. If you would like to share the membership with a member of your household, tap YES and enter their info.
  20. If not, Tap NOT NOW SIGN ME UP
  21. Tap SURE to turn on location services and ALLOW to confirm
  22. Congratulations, you’ve successfully downloaded the LettuceEats app and enrolled in the Frequent Diner Club!

 The Lettuce 50th Anniversary Scratch Off promotion will automatically appear in the app on June 10, 2021.